The Medicine Buddha


$100 unframed + $10 shipping

$130 framed + $10 shipping

Image 8 X 8 1/2", framed 12 X 12". Acryl-gouache, colored pencil and acrylic. Hand printed, hand fussed woodcut. $130 framed, $100 unframed. 

Bhaiṣajyaguru formally Bhaiṣajya-guru-vaiḍūrya-prabhā-rāja ("Medicine Master and King of Lapiz Lazuli Light. Commonly referred to as the "Medicine Buddha", he is described as a doctor who cures dukkha (suffering) using the medicine of his teachings. Medicine Buddha is renowned not just for healing, but for His ability to neutralize past bad karma, His ability to bring good fortune to those in need, His ability to help us on the path to enlightenment, even His vows to release repentant prisoners. - What a Legend.

After having explored and depicted dozens of angels, saints and martyrs of the Christian faith in my portfolio, I was heartened to come across the story of Bhaishajyai Guru or Menla, The Medicine Buddha. I bought a book at Christmas about him for my children, both of whom are in medical school, and have fashioned my own version of him from several sources. He holds a sacred healing plant as well as a received offering in his begging bowl. It has been said that having an image of this (first) gentleman healer helps cleanse the space and brings healing and wellbeing to the home and all the folks in it. May it be so for you.